For Patients

Do I need a referral?

A referral is preferable, but not essential. It helps to have some medical information about your breathing history.

I’m a smoker. Can I smoke on the day of the test?

For the most accurate assessment of your lungs, please don’t smoke on the day of the test.

Do I have to stop my medications for breathing before the test?

As a general guide 12 hours before the test DON’T take symptom controllers, e.g Symicort. Continue all other medications. 6 hours before the test DON’T take any symptom relievers, e.g Ventolin. Please contact us if you’re unsure and let our staff know on the day of testing if you have taken any medications, as it will affect your results.

Where are your clinics?
Please refer to our clinics page for directions.

How long will the testing take?
Testing usually takes 30 minutes.

I’m concerned about the test. Is it hard to do?
Our testing isn’t difficult or physically demanding. No treadmills, bikes or boxes. All you need to do are some huffing and puffing exercises into our diagnostic equipment. Nothing to worry about!

For Medical Practices

How do I get hold of your referral materials?
We can supply our printed referral booklets direct to your practice or send them via electronic file. Our referral documents are ready to be incorporated into most popular practice software. We support Best Practice, Medical Director, ZedMed, Genie and PDF format.

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